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Our mission. To help our clients deliver clear messages in strong formats to their target audience.


At our core, we are creative visual media producers. We collaborate closely with clients to craft powerful content, and we select the right formats and delivery channels for the greatest impact. Our culture is about being multi-disciplined, and we live by this principle. Our clients appreciate it, and our industry demands it. With our knowledge of content production, event production (rental and staging), and the live-streaming industry, we can produce for screens and venues from mobile phones to stadium jumbotrons.




Our Clients

At Magek Filmworks, our services are as diverse as our clients. Today’s customers require a mix of media and video content for a growing number of platforms and destinations. As media thinkers and explorers, we stand ready to help our clients, large and small, to implement their ideas and deliver their next project on scale, on budget, and on time.

Our Streaming Service

  • Production


    Having the right equipment is at the core of each Magek Filmworks production. From cameras and lenses to audio gear, we prepare everything down to the last cable for a seamless production.

  • Pre-Production


    Following consultations with the client, Magek Filmworks prepares production strategies and identifies its team of creatives to fit the project.


  • Post-Production


    Armed with the latest in post-production editing, compositing and online collaborative tools, our goal is to ensure projects are delivered on deadline.


  • Aerial  (Coming 2018)

Magek Filmworks provides single and multi-destination streaming services to a number of platforms, both secured and public. Delivery depends on the client: we’ve streamed concerts, corporate events, association conferences, and even sporting events.


Since 2013, Magek Filmworks has been on the forefront of testing new streaming and OTT (over-the-top content) technology for a wide range of vendors. Therefore, streaming came naturally to us when we decided to add the service to our business. Having worked in the live event industry for over 20 years, with some of the largest AV and production companies globally, adding streaming enables us to take our work to the next level. We are ready to help our clients reach a whole new audience by going live.

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The Owner

The Team

We are a collaborative network of content creators, filmmakers, producers, directors, graphic artists, camera operators, media evangelists, and a mix of video engineers, projectionists, and live streamers. We tailor the team’s skills to match clients’ needs.


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    TM + © 2018 Magek Filmworks | Made with  in DC by gekjr